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Lots of good geographical information on the Trobriand islands and peoples can be found at this site in the UK.

Here is a 1921 article by B. Malinowski on the "primitive" economy of Trobriand islanders.

Here's a brief article on the importance of yams.

An ad for Cricket the Trobriand Way: A Case Study in Culture Change, a 29 minute video.

The Papua New Guinea Online website has a page on the Trobriand Islands.

Here's a very commercial page for DHEA or Dehyderoepiandrosterone. It contains this quote:

The miracle of the Wild Yam is best explained in an article in a 1992 National Geographic article titled, "Under The Spell of the Trobriand Islands." These islands, part of New Guinea, seem to be a magical place. The most prized commodity in their culture in this miraculous yam! It is the staple of their diet. These are the most youthful people on earth! They do not keep track of their birthdays or know how old they are. Catastrophic disease there is virtually unknown...

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