Here is the 1995 World Factbook page on Nigeria.

The Nigeria Page has a few links to some interesting pages.

Here is a current events and news page called Eye on Nigeria.

Here is a site regarding the Human Rights (or lack thereof) issues in Nigeria. It has lots of links, including one to a page about Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Here's the the UK Commonwealth web site's page, covering the geography, society, communications, transport, legal system, macro-economics and finance, physical economy, travel information, history, and constitutional structure of Nigeria.

The FACTSHEET ON THE OGONI STRUGGLE describes the struggle of the Ogoni People against the Nigerian Government and Shell Oil.

NIGERIA.COM is a commercial site. It's a little out-of-date, as evidenced (on 19 June 1996, at least) by the NEWS section with "Today's Date" listed as Wednesday, 8 November 1995...

Here's a site called One World Resource: Nigeria.

For an extensive (count 'em: two) list of hotels in Nigeria, try here.

This page is entitled Nigeria Pro-Democracy Movement Needs Support.

This WebPerfect site has lots of information on, well, is it really Nigeria? After reading so many horror stories about what's going on in Nigeria, the contents of this site reads more like a government-sponsored brochure, enticing businesses to invest there, than a depiction of what's really going on there. For example, the Political History section doesn't go beyond 1960.

Another political page, entitled Report on Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti, Human Rights Activist in Nigeria.

In Print

If you've been reading the news, you'd know that Nigeria was voted out of the Commonwealth recently. For a harrowing story about Nigeria, Shell Oil, and the struggle of the Ogoni people, read the current issue of HARPER'S magazine.

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