July 2003: Coconut Blog article on Montserrat.

Excellent photo gallery of post-volano Montserrat.

Here is the 1995 World Factbook page on Montserrat.

Here's a page of Montserrat links from the Microstates web site.

Here is the Official Montserrat Tourist Board Web Site.

The Providence Estate House is online and has information about bed and breakfast-style lodging on Montserrat.

By the same folks who brought you the Providence Estate House site above, here is a page about the people of Montserrat.

Mailing Lists

Here's something that seemed interesting, if you're a Montserratophile you might want to join this mailing list:

From: Tony Glaser (
Date: 1996/04/13
Message-Id: <4koqb7$>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-Ascii
Organization: Medical University of South Carolina
X-Url: news:soc.culture.caribbean
Mime-Version: 1.0
Newsgroups: soc.culture.caribbean
X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.12(Macintosh; I; 68K)

The Montserrat E-mail group and Listserver, MNI-INFO, a.k.a. the "Electronic Evergreen" now has well over 250 members worldwide. Montserratians, "Montserratophiles" and others with interests in Montserrat are cordially invited to join the group and to become subscribers to the list. [Our discussions are probably too local and detailed to be of interest to casual tourist visitors, however, although you are welcome to give it a try].

To join, please E-mail me with your NAME and GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION (a lot of people forget one or both!) -- and, if you like, a word or two about your interest in Montserrat -- and you will be very welcome, and will receive a list of all current members and other Montserrat Internet resources. All new members will be announced to the group and new members' E-mail addresses will be available to group members. Only group members may send mail to and receive mail from the listserver. Mail is unmoderated. The server is being kindly provided courtesy of Gem Radio Network.

We aim to have the most current and accurate information on events in Montserrat, particularly regarding the current volcanic activity, as well as helping members keep in contact with relatives and friends in Montserrat and around the world, and to offer a medium for constructive debate on the development of Montserrat and its people. We also hope to encourage the development of the Internet as a community resource for all Montserratians everywhere.

Tony Glaser
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
(and all-too-rarely of Providence Estate House, Montserrat)

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