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The Green Arrow Guide has a section on Costa Rica.

Here is the 1995 World Factbook on Costa Rica.

Here is a rather odd story entitled "Cops Donate Tourist's Body to Science" from the Tico Times.

And here is link to the home page of the Tico Times Online. The Tico Times bills itself as "Central America's Leading English-Language Newspaper".

A travel company specializing in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Experts. They're based in Chicago.

Thinking of buying land in Costa Rica, or moving there? Here are Philip Greenspun's comments on the matter.

A wonderful collaboration between Philip Greenspun and the folks at Moon Publications: check out the Costa Rica handbook.

More links on Costa Rica from Philip Greenspun's site.

For those who are really serious... here are some real estate listings for Costa Rica.

There's even an entire book online on the subject: Purchasing Real Estate in Costa Rica, by Alvaro Carballo Pinto, translated into English.

Here's yet another huge travel site focused on Costa Rica: Costa Rica's Travel Net.

Another web site with information on Travel in Costa Rica.

And here's Costa Rica Expeditions, a very commercial site but lots of info and ideas for excursions!

Maps of Costa Rica

The Lonely Planet website has a small map of Costa Rica.

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