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According to the 2002 World Factbook, things look pretty bleak at Clipperton Island, located in the Pacific southwest of Mexico. No population, no vegetation, no natural resources, no arable land. Maybe not so bleak after all, if you're trying to get away from it all.

The question is: do any coconuts grow there?

According to the San Diego Underwater Photo Society, yes they do indeed! Here is a page about a 30 day cruise Richard Hermann made to Clipperton in 1994. Quote: "Vegetation consists of a few coconut groves and low scrub." Biggest problem that Hermann faced: the Clipperton Red Land Crab...

Always the optimists, the folks at TravelWorld have a different view of Clipperton. Here's a link to their Things to do in Clipperton Island page.

The fish seem to have a good time, though.

Clipperton Island History and Pictures.

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