British Indian Ocean Territory

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Lonely Planet's book, Maldives & Islands of the East Indian Ocean, ISBN 0-86442-187-7, has a small section on B.I.O.T. starting at page 159. There, one learns that the Chagos Archipelago, which is the tiny collection of atolls that make up the B.I.O.T., were once known as the Oil Islands "because their only raison d'etre was the copra industry which supplied oil to light the lamps of Port Louis, Marutius." Another interesting fact: before 1990, it says, "there were over 300 lepers living on Diego Garcia."

On the Web

The Coconut Intelligence Agency (CIA) page for B.I.O.T. is located here. Among the other tasty morsels of knowledge awaiting you is the fact that the total land size of the British Indian Ocean Territory is equivalent to about 0.3 times the size of Washington, D.C.

The following pages are all from the U.S. Navy's website and offer some interesting insights into a place that 99.99999901% of population of the world will probably never be able to visit:

Here's the Navy's home page, entitled Welcome to Diego Garcia -- The Navy's Best Kept Secret!.

Here's a page for US military personnel who are new to the island of Diego Garcia. Sorry, no pets.

Here's a page called THINGS TO DO ON DIEGO GARCIA... you gotta love the list: "SPORTS, CLUBS, RECREATION, BEACHES AND PARKS, AROUND DOWNTOWN, SHOWS AND MORE..." The page has numerous links to large JPEG images. The image for "AROUND DOWNTOWN" is probably COCONUT's favourite. It appears more like a barracks than anything else...

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