Here is the 1995 World Factbook page on Antingua and Barbuda.

Antigua's daily newspaper is The Daily Observer which has its own website, but there doesn't appear to be much in the way of news there, mostly tourist-oriented information.

Here's a very detailed page from the UK Commonwealth web site, covering the geography, society, communications, transport, legal system, macro-economics and finance, physical economy, travel information, history, and constitutional structure of Antigua and Barbuda -- all on one page!

The Admiral's Inn on Antigua has a website all about its lodging and activities offerings.

Here's a page of Antigua & Barbuda links from the Microstates web site.

The US State Dept issued a travel advisory for Antigua and Barbuda, updated in March 1996, relating to an increase in crime and violence.

Here's a site run by Cable and Wireless.

Here's a site from England called Antigua- A Tourist Destination.

And here's InterKnowledge's Official Guide to Antigua & Barbuda.

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