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January 16, 2008

Wanna Know Who's Gonna Be Prez? Consult a Coconut. Well, Maybe.

The Miami Herald reports that the oracles have spoken:

. . . In an email from Armando Durán, a babalawo (Santería priest) and spiritual guide of the Cabildo, the interpretation of the letra (forecast) for 2008 made by the Comisión de la Letra del Año, an important Santería association, is incorrect. The prediction was based on a fable about a coconut and interpreted the coconut's black exterior as meaning that ''a black man will triumph,'' a reference to Obama's ascendancy.

Durán emphasizes that the full story says the coconut was originally white both outside and in, and that what's important is that the coconut gave birth to a ''saint'' -- a Santería deity. Since only women can give birth, Durán claims the oracles are pointing to victory by a woman, Hillary Clinton. . .

This article was a follow-up to a longer article from January 5th, which reported on the annual Santeria letras which said in part,

. . . At the same time, he said, the coconut's dark outer layer signals that ''a black man may triumph,'' which Erice sees as a clear reference to Barack Obama. Noting that the letra was issued three days before the Iowa caucus, he asked, ``Who would've thought Obama would've gone over all the other candidates?'' . . .

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December 28, 2007

Former TV Star Drives Around w/ Coconut in Front Seat

Hey, whatever.

Elsewhere you wouldn't care to know. But here at the Coconut Blog, this is news.

Current has-been, former TV star / pinup girl reportedly drives around Palm Beach, FL, with a coconut in her front seat, simply because she loves coconuts:

Here's the truth. It might be easy to dismiss her as a dumb blonde, pardon the stereotype, who toots around town in her Mercedes with a coconut in the front seat (she loves coconuts) and a stack of red-and-gold hangers she ordered off QVC in the back (she needs to organize her mother's closet). But this might prove a mistake - even with the Elvis brush.

From this news article.

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Meet Harry S Truman, the Coconut

If you go visit the Harry S Truman Presidential Library between now and January 4th, one of the exhibits you'll be able to see is the coconut carved into the head of the former president himself. It's all part of the "Treasures of the Presidents" exhibit that ends on Jan. 4th.

Here's a news article with more details.

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December 18, 2007

Scaring Kids with Coconuts

This one's pretty original . . . a newspaper story about making a kid believe that a coconut was a shrunken head:

" Being the mischievous big sister, I lived to taunt my brother. Once when my grandmother purchased a fresh coconut from the store to make a cake, Taylor saw it in the kitchen and wanted to know what it was. I convinced him the coconut was a shrunken head, and he was horrified. At first, Mama frowned on my chasing a screaming Taylor around the house shaking the coconut at him. Then, she had a brilliant idea.

The next Christmas, Mama placed a fresh coconut under our Christmas tree, and Taylor wouldn't go near it, assuring the ornaments remained intact from then on.

The tradition of placing a coconut under the Christmas tree continued in my family until my parents passed away. Even after Taylor and I grew up and left home, we'd return at the holidays to find a coconut perched under the tree. . . .

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October 28, 2006

Coconut Videos

What does YouTube have to say about coconuts?

Da Coconut Nut by Ryan Cayabyab:

Here's a commercial. Only one problem. They're not coconut palm trees. Oh well:

Someone trying to break open a coconut with their head. Not too bright:

More people trying to open coconuts, the wrong way:

Finally, someone who opens it successfully, sort of. She's scary with that knife, though!

Harry Nillson sings his song "Coconut":

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July 16, 2006

The Question about the Domain

Every few weeks of every month of every year going back to the 1990s, I have received emails and the occasional phone call that goes something like this:


I am interested in purchasing your domain

If interested in selling please reply at your earliest convenience. Also let me know the asking price or we can just submit an offer. Either way works.

Thanks for your time,


Always the same type of message. They want the domain. And I always reply with the same response.

Here is my response, for all future inquirers:

I have owned this domain since 1989, when I originally registered it with InterNIC. I have faithfully renewed it on a regular basis. It's even renewed years out into the future. I have never had any interest in selling the domain. But since everyone always asks how much I would sell it for, I have come up with a completely random figure: US $320,000.00. Yes, three hundred twenty thousand U.S. dollars. I came up with that figure in the 1990s. It hasn't changed and here it is 2007. I suppose I should increase it. But then, I have no interest in selling so, whatever.

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June 04, 2006

Killer Coconuts

Somehow I doubt this is true, but here's a quote from some bloggers on Travelpod:

"Again we have been told that the number one killer overall in throughout Africa is not the hippo or crocidile. It is actually the coconut. No I am not joking. More people die every year from coconut falling on their head than any animal attacks."

Meanwhile, here's a 2002 StraightDope article entitled, "Are 150 people killed each year by falling coconuts?"

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June 03, 2006

Ok this is getting creepy

I wonder if this Connecticut incident (here's an alternate link to the same AP wire story) is at all related to the UK incident reported on this blog.

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More uses of 'Ccoonut' as pejorative

A Villiage Voice book review of Londonstani and the use of the term "coconut" to describe brown-skinned Asians who "act white".

Here's another review of the same book, with more references to the "coconut" term, from the Business Standard.

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Shopper's Guide to Buying Coconuts

The Telegraph in the UK offers tips on smart shopping for coconuts.
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May 13, 2006

The Cocotap

From an Australian news website comes this story about the Cocotap invention:

Necessity is the mother of invention and for "new inventor" Paul Richardson his love of coconut milk was the birth of an interesting new contraption.

Paul has devised a tool that allows the user to easily tap a coconut at any level of maturity, allowing the delicious milk to be easily accessed and consumed.

Paul says that the cocotap is of a practical design that is also easy to use....

More on the Cocotap at this New Inventors website.

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The Mystery of the 12 Coconuts

"Is the Canal Being Used for Strange Rituals?" a Bucks Free Press headline asks, in a UK story about a canal near the Thames river that was being cleaned up by volunteers when they came across "12 coconuts, 12 nails, and a package full of lentils."

Obviously a strange cult at work.

Or maybe not.

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March 25, 2006

World's Largest Coconut Orchestra

Well, sort of.

Details here.

A little snippet of video from the actual event here thanks to Rocketboom.

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January 05, 2006

The Coconuts Problem

A programming exercise in the Linux Journal to solve "the coconuts problem".

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Don't Be a Coconut?

This is good songwriting?

From a review of The Strokes' new CD:

First Impressions is an olympiad of self-help chin-ups: "My feelings are more important than yours," "I don't write better when I'm stuck in the ground," "Don't be a coconut, God is trying to talk to you." This exceeding introspection, combined with a sound that further abandons brittle '80s giddiness for studio-wonk man rock, may incur accusations of terminal flameout.

Are we witnessing a change in the English language? I see more and more references to "coconut" used outside of its normal context.

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January 04, 2006

Coconut: The Insult

We've seen this before -- using "coconut" as a hate term. Now there's a new controversy over some radio DJ for calling a Caribbean politician a "dumb coconut". Condemnations streaming in to have the DJ fired.

Here's the story. Another story here.

Man, don't be dissin' the coconut.

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November 24, 2005

Lethal Yellowing of Palms

Lethal yellowing disease is reported in Southern Florida. Here's a Marco Island Sun-Times story.

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November 23, 2005

Coconut Events

There's a new Coconut group on the website. Join the group and help add events that are going on in the tropical world!
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November 06, 2005

Wilma No Match for the Coco-de-Mer

From a Miami Herald story on the recent Hurricane Wilma:

Yet, says Laura Tooley, director of horticulture, some rare trees and palms were spared. The double coconut, coco-de-mer or Lodoicea maldivica, with the largest seeds in the plant kingdom, was just missed by trees falling on both sides of it. The garden's tallest tree, the arjun or Terminalia arjuna from India and Sri Lanka, still rises to a majestic 110 feet. It is sending out new leaves, but annually loses its leaves in late winter and becomes, for a short while, as regal a sculpture as it is today.

No messin' with the double coconut!

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George Nelson's Coconut Chair

Gotta love it: the Coconut Chair, designed by George Nelson back in 1955. Available at Herman Miller. Here's the link.

I wonder how comfortable it is. And what was it about '50s furniture designs -- ever noticed how they're all standing on what amounts to steel toothpicks?

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June 02, 2004

How to Smoke a Coconut

I thought I had heard everything. I was wrong. I had not heard everything. Now I have heard everything:

How to Smoke a Coconut.

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