January 16, 2008

The Mystery Names Inside the Coconut

And from the Newburyport (Massachusetts) Daily News comes this story, Man Seeks to Solve Mystery of the Names in the Coconut. Seems this guy named Tom Small of Salisbury, MA, found a coconut washed up on a nearby beach. The coconut appeared to have been opened and then resealed with tinfoil and wax.
. . . Small, 59, brought the coconut to his brother's house, where they told him to forget it and that his story sounded as "nutty" as his coconut. But Small could not put the treasure out of his mind and decided instead to find out what was inside.

Using a hammer, Small and his friends cracked it open, spilling a thick liquid onto the ground and revealing a series of small notes.

A brown paper list of names was fused to the inside. Other tiny slips of paper lined the interior of the nut, also covered in names.

"The names all sound Spanish," Small said noting the last names are Lopez, Pena, Romero and Rivera. "I would like to think the coconut came here from a far away island where it is warm all the time, but I bet it is from upriver, from Lowell or Lawrence." . . . .

The article goes on to say that he signed his own name to the list and re-sealed it and plans to throw it back into the deep blue sea this summer when he goes deep sea fishing.

One sure hopes he at least posts the names on the Web somewhere!

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Wanna Know Who's Gonna Be Prez? Consult a Coconut. Well, Maybe.

The Miami Herald reports that the oracles have spoken:

. . . In an email from Armando Durán, a babalawo (Santería priest) and spiritual guide of the Cabildo, the interpretation of the letra (forecast) for 2008 made by the Comisión de la Letra del Año, an important Santería association, is incorrect. The prediction was based on a fable about a coconut and interpreted the coconut's black exterior as meaning that ''a black man will triumph,'' a reference to Obama's ascendancy.

Durán emphasizes that the full story says the coconut was originally white both outside and in, and that what's important is that the coconut gave birth to a ''saint'' -- a Santería deity. Since only women can give birth, Durán claims the oracles are pointing to victory by a woman, Hillary Clinton. . .

This article was a follow-up to a longer article from January 5th, which reported on the annual Santeria letras which said in part,

. . . At the same time, he said, the coconut's dark outer layer signals that ''a black man may triumph,'' which Erice sees as a clear reference to Barack Obama. Noting that the letra was issued three days before the Iowa caucus, he asked, ``Who would've thought Obama would've gone over all the other candidates?'' . . .

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January 05, 2008

Coconuts: Delicious, or Deadly?

Calvin Godfrey does not like coconuts.

When I first arrived in Miami, I was happy about all the coconuts. I bought a machete and looked forward to lavish coconut-splitting parties, involving rivers of rum and armies of women. The day never came.

And now I hate the coconuts.

They’re everywhere. And frankly, I’m beginning to think they’re a danger to us all.

I mean, they do just fall. You know. They might just fall on your head. They probably already have. . . .

Full story available here. What's cool is that the article cites this blog!

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Man Dies After Falling from Coconut Tree

From Newsday in Trinidad and Tobago comes this sad news:

REGINALD BEST, 46, who died after falling 65 feet from a coconut tree on Wednesday, was given a final farewell by family and friends at a funeral service yesterday. Officiating at the service was Pastor Suresh Harripersad, who lent Best a ladder to climb the tree.

Grieving relatives said it was customary for Best to borrow pastor Harripersad’s ladder to get coconuts in the Debe Trace, Debe area where he lived.

Full story available here.

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