December 28, 2007

Needed: Coconut Pluckers. Plenty of Work Available.

Looking for an outdoors job? Enjoy climbing coconut palm trees?

The Hindu News reports that there is a severe shortage of coconut pluckers in Kerala.

Kerala, 'the land of coconuts' is hit by acute shortage of tree climbers and farmhands, forcing the government to think about measures like starting a training school to create a pool of workers.

From this news article.

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Former TV Star Drives Around w/ Coconut in Front Seat

Hey, whatever.

Elsewhere you wouldn't care to know. But here at the Coconut Blog, this is news.

Current has-been, former TV star / pinup girl reportedly drives around Palm Beach, FL, with a coconut in her front seat, simply because she loves coconuts:

Here's the truth. It might be easy to dismiss her as a dumb blonde, pardon the stereotype, who toots around town in her Mercedes with a coconut in the front seat (she loves coconuts) and a stack of red-and-gold hangers she ordered off QVC in the back (she needs to organize her mother's closet). But this might prove a mistake - even with the Elvis brush.

From this news article.

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Meet Harry S Truman, the Coconut

If you go visit the Harry S Truman Presidential Library between now and January 4th, one of the exhibits you'll be able to see is the coconut carved into the head of the former president himself. It's all part of the "Treasures of the Presidents" exhibit that ends on Jan. 4th.

Here's a news article with more details.

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December 18, 2007

Coconuts Washing Cars

CNET News has a story about "The waterless car wash", a liquid you spray on your car to attract dirt, then wipe off later.

Lucky Earth Products has come up with a liquid, called Green Earth Waterless Car Wash, that lets you wash your car without buckets, hoses, brushes, or gallons of water. The compound--made out of water, coconut extracts, silicone, and a bit of salt--gets misted onto your car. Once there, it attracts dirt via electrostatic principles and encapsulates it. The owner then wipes their car with a soft cloth.

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Scaring Kids with Coconuts

This one's pretty original . . . a newspaper story about making a kid believe that a coconut was a shrunken head:

" Being the mischievous big sister, I lived to taunt my brother. Once when my grandmother purchased a fresh coconut from the store to make a cake, Taylor saw it in the kitchen and wanted to know what it was. I convinced him the coconut was a shrunken head, and he was horrified. At first, Mama frowned on my chasing a screaming Taylor around the house shaking the coconut at him. Then, she had a brilliant idea.

The next Christmas, Mama placed a fresh coconut under our Christmas tree, and Taylor wouldn't go near it, assuring the ornaments remained intact from then on.

The tradition of placing a coconut under the Christmas tree continued in my family until my parents passed away. Even after Taylor and I grew up and left home, we'd return at the holidays to find a coconut perched under the tree. . . .

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World's First Climate Change Refugees Leave Island Due to Rising Sea Levels

A followup to this Coconut Blog entry from 2005: Grim story of rising sea levels in the Carteret Islands...

"For drinking all we can rely on now is rainwater and coconut juice, but even the coconut trees are dying. You can walk along the beach and see just the bottoms of dead trees sticking up through the sand . . .

The roots and branches of trees destroyed by the encroaching salt water have become a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes and unripened coconuts that have fallen from trees unable to hold them litter the swampy paths from the beach."

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