October 28, 2006

Coconut Videos

What does YouTube have to say about coconuts?

Da Coconut Nut by Ryan Cayabyab:

Here's a commercial. Only one problem. They're not coconut palm trees. Oh well:

Someone trying to break open a coconut with their head. Not too bright:

More people trying to open coconuts, the wrong way:

Finally, someone who opens it successfully, sort of. She's scary with that knife, though!

Harry Nillson sings his song "Coconut":

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Ketamine Disguised as Coconut Charcoal

What will they think of next...

Big haul of Ketamine in Chennai
Chennai, Oct 28: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized 30 kg of ketamine, an internationally banned drug, worth over Rs three crore in the global market on October 26, a DRI press release said.

The drug was concealed in a consignment of export goods declared as coconut shell charcoal in the name of a Chennai based company and was consigned to Taiwan, the release said.

During enquiry, the exporter denied having sent the consignment and held that the company usually exported textiles only to Sri Lanka and not to Taiwan, the release said.

In two previous raids, the DRI, Chennai, had seized 15 kg of ketamine consigned for Hong Kong and China, the release added. (Our Correspondent)


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