July 16, 2006

The Question about the Domain

Every few weeks of every month of every year going back to the 1990s, I have received emails and the occasional phone call that goes something like this:


I am interested in purchasing your domain coconut.com.

If interested in selling please reply at your earliest convenience. Also let me know the asking price or we can just submit an offer. Either way works.

Thanks for your time,


Always the same type of message. They want the domain. And I always reply with the same response.

Here is my response, for all future inquirers:

I have owned this domain since 1989, when I originally registered it with InterNIC. I have faithfully renewed it on a regular basis. It's even renewed years out into the future. I have never had any interest in selling the domain. But since everyone always asks how much I would sell it for, I have come up with a completely random figure: US $1,000,000.00. Yes, one million dollars.

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