June 04, 2006

Killer Coconuts

Somehow I doubt this is true, but here's a quote from some bloggers on Travelpod:

"Again we have been told that the number one killer overall in throughout Africa is not the hippo or crocidile. It is actually the coconut. No I am not joking. More people die every year from coconut falling on their head than any animal attacks."

Meanwhile, here's a 2002 StraightDope article entitled, "Are 150 people killed each year by falling coconuts?"

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Smashing Coconuts for Good Luck

"We stayed for about an hour, smelling the inscence, watching the pilgrims and locals go into the temple and make their offerings...usually fruit or flowers, once they have given their offerning they come outside and at Kataragamas shrine they set a coconut alight...make a prayer...then throw the coconut hard at the floor of the shrine, if the coconut breaks in half its good luck, if it doesnt..well!?! Nearly everyone did this - its a huge tradition and something that they strongly believe in."

From a travel blog post by Ali and Matt at Travelpod. Lots of Travelpod bloggers mentioning coconuts these days...

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June 03, 2006

Ok this is getting creepy

I wonder if this Connecticut incident (here's an alternate link to the same AP wire story) is at all related to the UK incident reported on this blog.

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Live near an angry volcano? Offer it coconuts

That's what they do in Java, near Mount Merapi, according to this article: "... Apart from the relative risks of leaving or staying put, many villagers feel a spiritual attachment to Merapi. The volcano is shrouded in superstition. Once a year they perform a ritual to placate it, offering up gifts of rice, green coconuts, and cow's liver..."

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More uses of 'Ccoonut' as pejorative

A Villiage Voice book review of Londonstani and the use of the term "coconut" to describe brown-skinned Asians who "act white".

Here's another review of the same book, with more references to the "coconut" term, from the Business Standard.

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Shopper's Guide to Buying Coconuts

The Telegraph in the UK offers tips on smart shopping for coconuts.
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