May 22, 2006

Go, Keith, Go, Climb, Keith, Climb

Musical satirists Paul and Storm have taken the melody of Beverly Hillbillies and adopted it to a little tune about poor Keith Richards falling out of a coconut palm tree.

Some of the lyrics:

The aging british rocker got halfway up the tree
But he wasn't quite as nimble as he used to be
Years of smack and bourbon and worn away his bones
And so he lost his grip and he dropped just like a stone

The full song in MP3 format is available here.

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May 13, 2006

Rolling Stones and Falling Coconuts

News all over the world this week about Keith Richards falling out of a coconut palm tree.

Evidently he fell out of the tree while collecting coconuts with Ron Wood.

Story here.

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The Cocotap

From an Australian news website comes this story about the Cocotap invention:

Necessity is the mother of invention and for "new inventor" Paul Richardson his love of coconut milk was the birth of an interesting new contraption.

Paul has devised a tool that allows the user to easily tap a coconut at any level of maturity, allowing the delicious milk to be easily accessed and consumed.

Paul says that the cocotap is of a practical design that is also easy to use....

More on the Cocotap at this New Inventors website.

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The Training School for Macaques

Here's an Indonesian school that teaches macaque monkeys to climb palm trees and pluck coconuts.

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The Mystery of the 12 Coconuts

"Is the Canal Being Used for Strange Rituals?" a Bucks Free Press headline asks, in a UK story about a canal near the Thames river that was being cleaned up by volunteers when they came across "12 coconuts, 12 nails, and a package full of lentils."

Obviously a strange cult at work.

Or maybe not.

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