January 05, 2006


I love it. "Eco-coco."

A Montreal story about coconut handicrafts from Mexico.

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The Coconuts Problem

A programming exercise in the Linux Journal to solve "the coconuts problem".

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Eat Coconut, Get Burned?

This article* claims that the ancient Fiji tradition of firewalking has a particularly strict admonition about coconuts:

The skill of firewalking is largely practised by Sawau tribesmen living on the southern side of the island. When the time comes for the walk to take place, those chosen to participate must segregate themselves from all females, having absolutely no contact with them for two weeks and they must refrain from eating any coconut; failure to do so may result in the participant sustaining serious burns during the walk, the legends say.

Who knew, coconuts protect you from burns!

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Don't Be a Coconut?

This is good songwriting?

From a spin.com review of The Strokes' new CD:

First Impressions is an olympiad of self-help chin-ups: "My feelings are more important than yours," "I don't write better when I'm stuck in the ground," "Don't be a coconut, God is trying to talk to you." This exceeding introspection, combined with a sound that further abandons brittle '80s giddiness for studio-wonk man rock, may incur accusations of terminal flameout.

Are we witnessing a change in the English language? I see more and more references to "coconut" used outside of its normal context.

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January 04, 2006

Now That's More Like It

Excellent choice for naming a sheep: "Coconut". Most distinguished.
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Coconut: The Insult

We've seen this before -- using "coconut" as a hate term. Now there's a new controversy over some radio DJ for calling a Caribbean politician a "dumb coconut". Condemnations streaming in to have the DJ fired.

Here's the story. Another story here.

Man, don't be dissin' the coconut.

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