May 19, 2005

Careful How Much Coconut You Eat

"But this is the strange thing about an old coconut: After you swallow it, the pieces magically come back together again and form a new coconut."

A rather harrowing article about the lengths one New Jersey resident went to in order to eat a coconut.

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How The Yellow Emergency Coconut Bridge Came To Be

"Soon after construction started, it became the "Coconut Bridge." It took on this moniker because everyone likes coconuts and "Coconut Bridge" sounds environmentally friendly (which it is) and tropical (which it is as well). Over time, some questions remained as to if it was a coconut or emergency bridge - understandably confusing."

From an article on the Mercy Corps of Indonesia website.

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Copra, coconut oil prices slip on supply surge

Coconut prices dropping. So says the news here and elsewhere.

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De-Husking Coconuts The Hard Way: With Your Teeth

"A BAHRAIN resident hopes to enter the world record books this week by becoming the fastest man to de-husk a coconut with his teeth," so begins an article in Bahrain's Gulf Daily News about "Rajesh Prabhu, 26, from India," who "also plans to set the first world record for de-husking a coconut with his fingers and feet."


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Coconut Oil Is Bad For You. Coconut Oil Is Good For You.

No sources mentioned in this little blurb of an article in the LA Times, but the author, Elena Conis, reports that "researchers have revealed that the fat molecules in coconut oil are shorter than those in animal-derived saturated fat." She then adds: "Some say that this subtle difference may explain why the traditional Polynesian diet high in tropical oils, like coconut appears to lead to relatively low rates of heart disease."

Full article is located here.

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