December 26, 2004

Earthquake and Tsunami

The headlines today are full of news about the earthquake and tsunami in South Asia. Here's one page that's trying to summarize the news.

Interesting that there hasn't been a peep about the situation at the Diego Garcia military base. Surely it got hit too, if the Maldives did.

Meanwhile, here's some Flickr coverage of the tsunami.

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December 15, 2004

Coconut Roundup

Some news and random links from the coconut world:

Coconut street-side vendors are unhappy in East Malaysia. A new fast-food store is hurting their business.

Meanwhile, in Brunei, twin coconut palms have grown to maturity out of a single coconut. The owner plants coconut trees each time a child is born in his family. Nice tradition. Can you imagine a world where a tree was planted by each family celebrating Christmas, instead of a tree being slaughtered, decorated, and eventually thrown away like trash each year?

Sacks of coconuts weren't enough to hide 100M of cocaine in a London market. The perps were caught.

In Barbados, a coconut tree invaded Deborah Wharton's kitchen. Narrowly missed the washing machine, it did.

China uses coconut husks for erosion control, and they're buying husks in bulk from a firm in the Phillippines.

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