March 12, 2004

Low-Carb Coconut Diet

Now I've heard everything: The Coconut Diet....
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Building Furniture Out of Coconut Trees

Exhibitors promoted the use of the wood from coconut trees for building "furniture and household items" at the 9th Ghana International Trade Fair, according to this article on

From the article:

The Takoradi Polytechnic, as an educational institution, is said to have embarked on a "Coconut Furniture Project" as an alternative to other materials used for the making of furniture with the assistance of Mr Shinichi Ito, a Japanese Lecturer at the Institute.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday, Mr Ito said the use of coconut for furniture making was uncommon owing to the facts that most countries have not realised its comparatively higher quality.

He said a coconut item could last for about 50 years, adding that diseased coconut trees could be used for furniture.

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