February 17, 2004

Niue is NOT Dead, ok?

Reports of Niue's demise are greatly exaggerated, as are the reports of its continued survival, it seems. Here's the "flame of the week", according to Drew Cullen at The Register, which reprints an email from "miss amanda," purportedly from Niue.
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February 07, 2004

The Coconut Giveth and the Coconut Taketh Away

Falling Coconut Tree Kills Man is the headline of a story datelined Male, Maldives, on January 25th 2004. The tree was being cut down, and he stood in the wrong place when it fell. Ouch.
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Ben Tre Vietnamese Coconut Industry Continues Expansion

The Vietnam Economy website reports that the Ben Tre province on the Mekong River delta is now exporting coconuts to 42 countries around the world.

Main importers of Ben Tre province's speciality are China, Taiwan, the Republic of Korea, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Europe, the US and Canada.

Targeting between US$33-35 million from coconut product exports, Ben Tre is pushing for the early operation of a 2,000-tonne coir fibre plant, a 2,000-tonne desiccated copra plant and a 1,500 tonne charcoal plant.

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February 05, 2004

The Case of the Mysterious Coconut

Every year for literally 50 years, Ed Clinch received a mysterious coconut in the mail, "always wearing a blond wig, googly eyes and lipstick." He died in 1997, and one of the same coconuts appeared on his grave that year. He died without ever learning who was sending him the coconuts.

Intrepid reporters at the Peoria Journal Star finally figured out the whodunit in December. Read more about the story here.

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February 04, 2004

The Digo Women and Coconuts

An article from AllAfrica.com on the Digo women and their cooking.

Coconut, which is highly prized by the coastal communities, plays a special part in their cooking. Everything, from the copra to the flesh and the liquid, has some use.

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