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December 18, 2007

Scaring Kids with Coconuts

This one's pretty original . . . a newspaper story about making a kid believe that a coconut was a shrunken head:

" Being the mischievous big sister, I lived to taunt my brother. Once when my grandmother purchased a fresh coconut from the store to make a cake, Taylor saw it in the kitchen and wanted to know what it was. I convinced him the coconut was a shrunken head, and he was horrified. At first, Mama frowned on my chasing a screaming Taylor around the house shaking the coconut at him. Then, she had a brilliant idea.

The next Christmas, Mama placed a fresh coconut under our Christmas tree, and Taylor wouldn't go near it, assuring the ornaments remained intact from then on.

The tradition of placing a coconut under the Christmas tree continued in my family until my parents passed away. Even after Taylor and I grew up and left home, we'd return at the holidays to find a coconut perched under the tree. . . .

Posted by brian at December 18, 2007 01:41 PM