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November 06, 2005

Bahalina: Booze made from coconuts

From the Sun-Star in the Phillippines comes this story:

'Bahalina' producers eye slice of liquor industry

GLAN, Sarangani -- The art of coconut wine making is not lost at all after all those decades of being bombarded with commercially-branded intoxicating beverages.

In fact, a group of backyard producers here, with the support of the local government and concerned agencies, have recently banded in a bid to at least earn a pie of the liquor industry's cheap-end category.

They hope to vie for a market slice through "bahalina," an alcoholic beverage produced from coconut, the "Tree of Life."

Mayor Enrique Yap, Jr. said several residents have formed a group called Bahalina Producers Association in an effort to consolidate to finally penetrate the local beverage industry.

"This is a positive step in the town's quest to make bahalina known not just in nearby areas but across the nation as well. Hopefully, bahalina from Glan will also become popular in the international market," he said.

Records from the municipal planning and development office showed that the land planted with coconuts reached 33,192 hectares. Copra production, coconut's main product depended on by the residents, in the town yields at least 52,532 tons a year, it added.

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