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July 30, 2003

Blogging Samoa

Andrew Hecht is a Peace Corps Volunteer working in American Samoa. He runs an active blog called American Idle (great pun, btw.) A recent blog entry:

It seems Chief Justice Patu Tiavaasu’e Falefatu has a full docket these days. There was a major drug bust at the Fagali'i airport. A 12-year old girl was nabbed with 9 bags of ganja attached to her person.

The airport where this happened is right around the corner from my house. I ride past it almost every day on my bike on my way to town.

It's just a simple airstrip surrounded by coconut palms and banana trees. There are pigs and chickens running around all over the place. It's hard to beleive that such nefarious activity (international drug smuggling) is taking place in such a bucolic setting.

Posted by brian at July 30, 2003 10:22 AM