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July 29, 2003

Rarotonga or Bust

Mark Frauenfelder, his wife Carla Sinclair, and their two children really did it: they packed up and moved from LA to Rarotonga. Why? Here's their rationale:

We want to find out what it is like for us, an urban American family – accustomed to 24-hour supermarkets, multiplex theaters, top quality medical care, freeways, high-rises, thousands of restaurants in a 20-mile radius, and a daily barrage of media – to slow down. So we moved to the South Pacific. Our first stop is Rarotonga, a tiny island in the South Pacific.

. . .

Our goal, our experiment, is to see how simply we can live on an Island known for its simple, but pleasant and easygoing, way of life. In the United States, “simple living” has become little more than a style statement and a marketing strategy. We are going to pursue true simplicity. Besides immersing ourselves in the culture of Rarotonga, we are going to remember to enjoy being far away from our frenetic, crushing, overscheduled circumstances in Los Angeles. This is the time and the place to slow down and spend time experiencing life: exploring tide pools, connecting with each other, catching fish, buying produce from neighbors, hiking in the jungle, strumming the ukulele, and simply enjoying the sky, the sand, and the shore.

They've launched a blog called The Island Chronicles which each day provides a photo or two and a some new comments about what discoveries they've made during their stay on the island.

The L.A. Weekly has published the first of what it promises to be regular dispatches from Mark and Carla, offering more insight into their move and their new life in the South Pacific. Posted by brian at July 29, 2003 08:55 PM