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About the Coconut Blog
The Coconut Blog is a new addition to the website and exists to chronicle the latest happenings all over the tropical world. Links to notable news, feature articles, and other blogs will serve as the bulk of the content provided in the blog.

Over time, as more people around the world discover this blog, it's my hope to offer some exclusive interviews and features about people who live in the tropical world.

As you've no doubt noticed, the look and feel of the blog is completely different than that of the old website. Indeed, that website is old --- it really hasn't changed all that much since August 1996. That will change though, as this new blog's activity picks up.

A note about the contents of this blog: if you're looking for hip, techie, or otherwise "cool" attitude and demeanor within this blog, you're going to be disappointed. This blog is going to cover events, issues, news, and observations that will confound, confuse, and bore some readers. If you're expecting the technorati pundit's perspective on all things tropical, forget it. This is a place your Auntie might like to hang out. This is a place to talk story. At a nice leisurely pace. The pace is going to be sporadic: sometimes days might go between postings. Other times, five or ten articles might appear in a single day. Bottom line? This blog runs on island time.

I welcome your ideas and input. You can email me at "brian at coconut dot com" (sorry, I can't put the real email address in there because of automated programs looking for email addresses to spam).

- Brian Dear
 Editor & Publisher,

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